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What is Arkansas Palliative Care?


We help patients and their families manage life with a serious or chronic illness. As a nonprofit, community-based healthcare service, our goal is simple: your highest quality of life.

Like your curative care, palliative care is provided by a team of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare specialists. The difference is that palliative care experts help patients:
  • Manage your symptoms.
  • Understand your treatment options.
  • Meet your goals for your care.
  • Navigate the complicated healthcare system.
  • Identify needs and direct additional resources for spiritual or emotional care.

When Can I Have Palliative Care?

At any time during your illness, Arkansas Palliative Care can help. Our focus is to help you live your life to the fullest. No matter your age, diagnosis, stage of illness or physical impairment, or whether or not you are receiving curative treatment for your condition, we can help. 

How is Palliative Care Paid For?


Care may be provided through:

  • Private Insurance

  • Medicare or Medicaid

  • VA Benefit

  • Private Pay

How To Start Care

If you are a hospital patient

Arkansas Palliative Care currently provides services for hospital patients currently admitted to CHI St. Vincent Little Rock and CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs. Services at Unity White County in Searcy are provided as Supportive Care Services through an arrangement with Arkansas Palliative Care.


Ask your physician or nurse in the hospital about enrollment in Arkansas Palliative Care. They can assist in providing the necessary referrals to begin.

If you are not in the hospital

Community based care is currently provided across most of Central Arkansas for patients in their homes or place of residence (home, nursing home, rehabilitation center, senior or assisted living, etc.). Call us directly at 501-748-3388 for more information.

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