In the Community


Support Where Patients Live

Community based palliative care is designed to improve the quality of life for patients with serious illness who are not currently admitted to a hospital. Typically, a referral is made through a patient's primary care physician or specialist, but referrals can also be made by a patient or family member calling Arkansas Palliative Care direct at 501-748-3388.

Home visits are made within 7 days of the referral, and are repeated based on each patient's plan of care. Community based palliative care is not a replacement for the patient's primary care provider, but rather monitors a patient's symptoms and makes recommendations to help manage care.


The benefits of community based care are many, but include:

  • Reduced hospital readmissions or ER visits

  • Improved pain and symptom control

  • Improved patient and family satisfaction with care

  • Patient and caregiver educational resources

  • Better care coordination

The Arkansas Palliative Care team can provide an extra layer of support for patients, of any age, with serious  illness - whatever the diagnosis, at any stage, along with curative treatment options.

Consider Palliative Care In Home or Patient Residence When: 

• Multiple hospital or emergency room visits.
• High disease burden.
• Declining functional or cognitive ability.

Arkansas Palliative Care can provide
supportive treatment for conditions such as:
Advancing Dementia  •  CVA  •  CHF
End-Stage Renal or Liver Failure
COPD  •  Cancer  •  And Others