In The Hospital


A Team Approach To Care

Palliative care is a unique speciality that utilizes a team approach and partners with patients and families
with serious illness to ensure symptom management, comfort, and quality of life.


In conjunction with the patient’s other doctors, the Arkansas Palliative Care team can provide an extra layer of support for patients, of any age, with serious  illness - whatever the diagnosis, at any stage,
along with curative treatment options.

Consider Palliative Care In the Hospital When: 

•  There have been 3 or more hospitalizations or ER visits in the last 6 months for the same diagnosis.
•  Prolonged hospital or ICU stay without evidence of improvement.
•  Difficult to control physical or emotional symptoms
•  Admitted from a skilled nursing facility.
•  The patient, family or physician disagree about medical decisions, resuscitation preferences, nonoral         feeding and hydration, prognosis, or goals of care.
•  Patient, family or physician request for information on hospice eligibility or services.
•  Declining functional or cognitive ability.


Arkansas Palliative Care can provide
supportive treatment for conditions such as:
Advancing Dementia • Multi Organ System Failure
End-Stage Renal or Liver Failure • CVA
Anoxic Brain Injury • CHF • COPD • Metastatic Cancer
And Others